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Kevin Holland is a US Navy SEAL and Army SOF Combat Veteran. A highghly decorated soldier with an incredible story. Here is a highlight of one of the battles that nearly took his life.

During one operation, a group of fighters was hunkered down in a remote house with two of their men on guard in the brush outside. Kevin and his teammates were inserted on multiple MH-6 Little Bird Helicopters near the target building. On the route they started taking fire from the two guards keeping watch outside. The operators eliminated one of the guards while sitting on the bench of the little bird and pursued the second guard once they landed on the ground. As they approached the compound, Kevin noticed a large spring-fed irrigation ditch to his right, with frost and ice covering the ground and water during the twenty degree night. Kevin was watching the gate to the walled compound when gunfire erupted from the corner of the wall. The guard was shooting a PKM, a devastating fully automatic machine gun, twenty yards away. Bullets impacted all around Kevin, ripping his Night Vision Goggles and radio off. One bullet hit him above his plate carrier, just above his heart. The round exited his shoulder blade and caused complete paralysis of his left arm. He fell back into the freezing water of the irrigation ditch and accessed his condition. Once the gunfire stopped, Kevin stumbled to his feet and set up his weapon onthe berm of the irrigation ditch. He returned fire toward the enemy combatant and stayed in the fightuntil the operation was over. Kevin then walked the two kilometers back to the helicopters and was medically evacuated back to base. He was then flown to Germany and en route to Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland.

To view Kevin’s full testimony of that night, please visit: LINK

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STYLE: 112 Trucker
 Cotton-Poly/Nylon Mesh
Adjustable Snapback
One Size Fits Most (OSFM)


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