Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation and Save Our Allies. Chad is a former Force Recon Marine and DoD Contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force. After overcoming his personal battles with PTSd and nearly becoming a veteran suicide statistic, Chad founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation, a leading non-profit, serving the active duty and military veteran communities with highly successful faith-based combat trauma and resiliency programs. Having spoken to over 250,000 active-duty troops and led life-saving programs for over 4,000 active military and veterans at four Mighty Oaks Ranches around the Nation, Chad has become a go-to resource and is considered a subject matter expert on faith-based solutions to PTSd, having advised the former Presidential Administration, Congress, the VA the DoD and was appointed to serve as the Chairman of a White House Veterans Coalition. He is also the President and Founder of Save Our Allies, whose mission is focused on the evacuation and recovery of Americans and our allies trapped in Afghanistan. He together with a small coalition of military veterans saw that they had to stand up and answer the desperate call for help, and fulfill the promise we made to those who aided our mission in Afghanistan. To date they have recovered over 12,000+ allies and US Citizens who potentially faced death at the hands of the Taliban.

We have donated $10K to Save Our Allies from all the items sold using Chad’s uniform.

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Made from 4 ounce Crazy Horse “Pull Up” leather.
Each cover is carefully cut, glued, dyed, and stitched by a Marine Corps veteran, right here in the USA.

Dimension: 4 3/4" x 6 1/4"

Field Notes booklet included.


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Weight .5125 lbs


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