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Gary joined the Army in 1951, he was 19. Later that same year, he’d attend the Army’s Airborne school at Ft. Benning, GA. Upon graduation, Gary was assigned to the 508th Regimental Combat Team, Ft. Benning, Ga. He left the military in 1954 with 12 Airborne jumps. 

This is where it gets interesting. In 1960, Gary would become a golf and football coach at Elon College in North Carolina. He left Elon in 1969 to join the C…. I….. A. Shortly after joining the Agency, Gary found himself in Vietnam. As a member of the Phoenix Program, Gary would lead and help run clandestine teams in the war(see next picture). 

Following Phoenix, Gary went and became a DEA  Agent in Miami, Fl from 73-77. During that time he’d spend a fair amount of visits to Nicaragua. (I left this vague for a reason) Have a look at the movie, “AMERICAN MADE.”

In 1977, Gary was brought back to the Agency where he would later retire in 1987. After retirement, Gary played a lot of Golf in Pinehurst, NC.

Proceeds (20%) from each hat sold will go to help support The Tunnels to Towers Foundation. 

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