Tyr Symank Field Notes Cover


SGM Tyr Symank, who writes under the nome d’plume Charlie Martel, enlisted in 1995 as a tanker. Upon assignment in the 1st Cavalry Division, he volunteered and was selected for the Horse Cavalry Detachmemt. He served five years riding and training horses and representing the Division at rodeos and public events around the country. Returning to a conventional unit, Tyr found himself disillusioned and unsatisfied with the lack of motivation and esprit de corps surrounding him. He volunteered and was selected for Special Forces. Shortly after, he transitioned from active to 19th Special Forces Group in the Washington National Guard. Over the last 22 years, SGM Symank has served mostly overseas as both a Green Beret, and a medic and intelligence specialist for various government agencies in high threat areas. 

His military assignments include The 1st Cavalry Division, 19th Special Forces Group, Cadet Command (University of Washington), USASOC, and JSOC. He is still serving part time at 19th SFG HQ. 

Since finishing his last deployment on 2019, he has worked full time for Black Rifle Coffee Company as a special project manager and content contributor. In 2020 he founded The BRCC Fund. He continues to advocate for veteran’s health and rights with Hunter Seven, The Special Forces Foundation, Second Chance K9 and others.

He now sells coffee.

A percentage(20%) of each FNC sold will go to help support: Condition One Foundation Who’s mission is to Enhance the mental and physical well being of Veterans through the therapeutic power found in the outdoors elevating the life of the Veteran, their families and the communities in which they live.


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Made from 4 ounce Crazy Horse “Pull Up” leather.
Each cover is carefully cut, glued, dyed, and stitched by a Marine Corps veteran, right here in the USA.

Dimension: 4 3/4" x 6 1/4"

Field Notes booklet included.

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